Theatre Development and International Artistic Exchange ——The International Summer Camp for Master and Doctoral Students of Arts and Cultural Management is open for application





1.Theme and purpose

As a palace of art performance, the theatre has always witnessed and reflected the change of human aesthetic consciousness and the progress of civilization. Some famous theatres are not only a symbol of the cultural image of various countries, but also an important carrier to promote international artistic and cultural exchanges. However, the construction and operation of theatres are facing new opportunities and challenges with the development of globalization and artificial intelligence, and the future of theatres are also causing more exploration, which provides thinking and innovative practice for the experts and scholars in arts management.

The theme of this summer camp focused on the theatre development and international arts exchange through international vision and forward-looking thinking, which combines practices, theories and current situation and trend in the field. It, will be co-sponsored by Zhejiang Conservatory of Music and International Alliance of Arts Management, consists of four parts: 1) focus-group discussion, students exchange and share experience and challenges of theatre construction and operation in different countries; 2) lectures, it invited Chinese and international academics and industry experts to share their research results and experience of the construction and operation of theatres in practice; 3) field trips, to investigate the main modes of Chinese theatre construction and operation, and to inspire thinking of how theatre functions in modern China and how it contributes to international arts and cultural exchanges; 4) seminars, to discuss the future of the theatre and the theatre in the future.


2. The organiser

Zhejiang Conservatory of Music, International Alliance of Arts Management


3. Time and place

Time: July 22 - July 31, 2024

Location: Zhejiang Conservatory of Music, Hangzhou, China


4. Candidate

Master's and doctoral students who study at the institutions that has founding members of IAAM

Other international PG students who are passionate about arts management will be also considered and strong candidates will be accepted


5. Teaching team

Hongming Lin (China)

Professor at Zhejiang Conservatory of Music, Dean of Art & Cultural Management institute for Advanced Study, Executive Deputy Director of Shanghai Grand Opera House Construction Headquarters Office, President of the International Alliance of Arts Management

Gilles Demonet (France)

Professor at the Sorbonne University, Paris, France, former director of IReMUS (Institute for Research in Musicology, UMR 8223), founding member of the International Alliance of Arts Management

Aine Shell (Ireland)

Reader, Dean at the School of Arts and Creative Technologies, University of York, UK

Ping Chen (China)

Director of China Theatre Development Research Centre, first president of the National Centre for the Performing Arts, chairman of the ninth Council of Beijing Federation of Arts and Culture

Ping Zhou (China)

Director of Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, vice chairman of Symphony Orchestra Union of Chinese Musicians Association

Ying Zheng (China)

General manager of Wu Promotion, former general manager of Beijing Performance Co., LTD., Beijing Foreign Cultural Exchange Co., LTD

Jianwei Qiu (China)

Executive Deputy General manager of Cultural Wuzhen Co., Ltd. (legal person)


6. Application requirements

This summer camp will offer 20 places in total. Participants are responsible for their own travel expenses and insurance from the departure point to Hangzhou, China, as well as 5,000 RMB camp’s fee.

English and Chinese are the main languages used in this summer camp. It will not provide translation if lectures deliver in English. Translation will be provided if lectures, tours are in Chinese. Applicants whose first language is not English must have a good level of English and meet any of the following requirements: ① CET-4 score 550 or above; 425 or above in CET-6; ③ Passed TEM-4; TOEFL score of 80 or above; ⑤ IELTS score of 6 or above; Or pass an English test organised by the founding members of IAAM.

Please send your application form (see section 10 below) to After reviewing the application materials, the organiser will select the list of students and email everyone individually before May 20.


7. Certificate issuance

Participants in the summer camp will be issued a certificate by the organiser. And participants will automatically become a member in the Art Management International Alliance Graduate Student Association. Summer Camp participants are given priority to join in the activities of the Arts Management International Alliance in the future.


8. Contact information

If you have any questions about the summer camp, please contact Dr. Ling Ding, Tel: 13567133952; Email:


9. Biography of the teaching team

Hongming Lin (China)

He is a professor at Zhejiang Conservatory of Music, dean of Art & Cultural Management institute for Advanced Study, executive deputy director of Shanghai Grand Opera House Construction Headquarters Office, president of the International Alliance of Arts Management. He also is a final judge of the 16th Mandarin Award of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China, expert jury member of the China National Art Foundation, professor at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, visiting professor of Central Academy of Drama, special tutor of Chinese Federation of Literature and Art Research Institute, doctoral supervisor of the Sorbonne University in Paris, consultant of Shanghai Zhangyuan Performing Arts Centre, expert consultant of Shenzhen cultural and sports facilities planning, design and operation management, chairman of China Small and Medium-sized City Theatre Development Alliance. In 2018, he was appointed as the head of the research group of "Accelerating the Deepening Reform Research of State-owned Art Academies" of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China, and won the Outstanding Contribution Award of China's Top Ten Performances in the same year, and the Special Contribution Award of China's Art Management Discipline Construction in 2022. He has published more than 80 articles such as "The cultivation of performance market and the transformation of the operation mechanism of theatre troupes", "Exploration of the management of modern theatre", "Analysis of the management thinking of famous theatre directors domestically and internationally", "The logic and path of constructing the operation mechanism of troupes cantered on performance", and edited "Ten Years Collection" (two volumes) and "The Cultivation of ink and ink in the evolution of art management - Lin Hongming's self-selected collection".

Gilles Demonet (France)

Jurist, musician and former director of the Opera Comique in Paris and manager of IMG Artists France. He is currently a professor of Music and Musicology Training and Research at the Sorbonne University, where he supervises master's students in Music Management and administration. Also, he is one of the founding members of IAAM. He served as Director of the Institute for Research of Musicology (IReMUS) and a visiting professor at the Rome Business School and Conservatoire. His main research area is musical organization. His works include The Market for Live Music Performances (Paris, PUPS, 2015) and The Stram Concert 1926-1933 (Paris, Institut Musicale de France, 2021). Co-directed work: Opera on Screen: Opera for All! New cultural Products and Practices (Paris, Harmattan, 2013).

Áine Sheil (Ireland)

She is the founding Head of the School of Arts and Creative Technologies at the University of York, UK. The school was launched in September 2022, and brings together the disciplines of Music, Theatre, Film and Television, Interactive Media and Creative Industries Management. Áine is a Music specialist who was Head of Music at the University of York between 2018 and 2022. She studied Music and German at Trinity College Dublin and Historical Musicology at King’s College London. Following her doctoral studies, she worked in the Publications Department of the Royal Opera House, London, and at the Department of Drama at Trinity College Dublin as a postdoctoral research fellow. Here, she carried out research on opera and developed a keen interest in theatre and performance theory. She has published on opera in the Weimar Republic, Wagner reception, contemporary opera productions and arts policy in the Cambridge Opera Journal, Journal of the Royal Musical Association, Journal of the Society of Musicology in Ireland and various edited volumes.

Ping Chen (China)

He is the director of China Theatre Development Research Centre, first president of the National Centre for the Performing Arts, chairman of the ninth Council of Beijing Federation of Arts and Culture, member of the Committee of Experts on the 14th Five-Year Plan of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism; member of the Expert Committee of the National Arts Fund. He also is a distinguished professor and master tutor of Central Conservatory of Music and China Conservatory of Music, honorary doctorate in "Asian-African Languages and Cultures", University of Turin, Italy. He won "Cultural Figure of the Year Influencing China" in 2012; "Top Ten Figures of Chinese Cultural Management Year" in 2014; In 2015, he was awarded the Order of Officer of the Legion of Honour of the French Republic by the President of France, the five-star Commander's Order by the President of Italy in 2016, as well as the Russian Order of Friendship by President Putin in Moscow at the same year. In 2017, he was awarded "2016 Chinese Cultural Figure". He published his own monograph "New Mode of Grid City Management", "Theatre Operation Management - Construction of National Grand Theatre Model", and edited "Research on the Status Quo and Development Countermeasures of Beijing Theatre - Theatre Industry Report" and "Research Report on the Status Quo of Chinese Theatre/Theatre Operation Management".

Ping Zhou (China)

She is currently head of the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, Secretary of the General Branch of the Party, member of the Shanghai CPPCC, vice chairman of the Symphony Orchestra Union of the Chinese Musicians Association and Vice Chairman of the Shanghai Musicians Association. She has led the establishment of the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra's performance promotion Department, education and development Group, brand centre and information Centre, fully drawing on the enterprise management system, and fully promoted the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra to become the first in China, and led the orchestra to win the "2018 Shanghai Quality Gold Award". Since 2007, she has collaborated with enterprises to establish a series of cultural brands such as "Le Life", "Le Gongfang" and "Le Xing World". In China, she created the first music season advance ticket system, and the sales record was refreshed year by year. Since 2009, together with the current music director Long Yu, she has launched the Shanghai New Year Concert, Shanghai Summer Music Festival, Shanghai Spring Festival Concert, Shanghai Band Academy, Shanghai Isaac Stern International Violin Competition and other internationally influential cultural brands. At the same time, she has made every effort to build public education brands such as "Music Map", forming a new model for the diversified development of the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra.

Ying Zheng (China)

She is currently the general manager of Wu's Promotion (Wu's International Cultural Media Beijing Co., LTD., Wu's International Performance Beijing Co., LTD.), and used to be the general manager of Beijing Performance Co., LTD., Beijing Foreign Cultural Exchange Co., LTD. She has worked for the Cultural Activities Department of the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee, Xinhua News Agency and the Chinese People's Liberation Army Academy of Arts. Director of China Performance Industry Association, Chief supervisor of Beijing Performance Industry Association, Secretary General of Beijing Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Performing Arts Alliance, and senior show manager. She focuses on the project operation of the domestic performance market and the operation and management of domestic and foreign theatres, as well as the project planning, organisation and operation for national major cultural activities. As the chief producer, she produced a number of important domestic and foreign performance projects, including cultural activities in the Beijing Olympic Village and in the Olympic Park, and large-scale government activities such as APEC. She also planned and operated the brand of "Beijing Great Hall of the People New Year Concert" for more than 10 years, planned and created several series of resident performances of Beijing Water Cube "Dream Water Cube", and led the team to complete the production and operation of Zhang Yimou's large-scale landscape opera ‘Turandot’ -- Bird's Nest version and Taiwan tour version; planned and led the team to complete important brand projects such as the first "Lao She Theatre Festival" in Beijing; the "Classical reception room" high-definition projection brand and "Mini classical" art education brand.

Jianwei Qiu (China)

He listed at Zhejiang first batch of propaganda ideological and cultural young talents in 2020, and Zhejiang Province 10,000 Plan young top-notch talents in 2021. Executive Deputy General manager of Wuzhen Culture Co., LTD., Executive Director of Zhejiang Culture and Art Exchange Promotion Association. He has been deeply engaged in the planning and operation of cultural tourism art projects for more than 20 years, and has long been engaged in the planning and operation of cultural and art projects and the planning and production of stage plays, films and television, and is committed to the innovation and development of cultural and art fields. He also successfully curated several art projects with rich cultural connotations, including Wuzhen Drama Festival, Wuzhen Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition, Wuzhen Future Visual Art Exhibition, Art School, Wuzhen Art Warehouse, MAO Dun Literature Week, Puyuan Fashion Week, Wujiang Village, Guizhou, and so on. The film, television, and stage production projects that he participated in have been selected in National Art Fund projects, Zhejiang Province Fine engineering projects, Beijing Culture and Art Fund projects, Berlin Film Festival nomination, Taiwan Golden Horse Award nomination, Hong Kong Film Award nomination, etc.

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