Main Disciplines Programs Specialized Courses
Music   and Dance Composition

Composing   Skills and Theory, Ear Training, Music Design and Production

Art and Technology

Music   Design and Production, Digital Audio Technology, Sound Recording, Computer   music and programming


Chinese Music History, Western Music   History,

Ethnomusicology Aesthetics of Music, World

Ethnic Music

Music Education

Musical   Performance

Orchestral Conducting, Choral Conducting,  

Chinese Orchestral Conducting

Piano, Collaborative Piano

Vocal(bel canto, folk singing)

Strings, Woodwind, Brass, Percussion

Bowed String, Plucked String, Chinese   Wind

Instruments, Chinese Percussion

Pop Singing, Electronic Instruments, Jazz   Study

Dance   Studies

Dance Education

Dance   Performance

Chinese   Folk Dance

Dance Choreography

Choreography,   Chinese and Western Dance

History, Musical Form Analysis, Stage Design

Drama and Film Performance

Yue Opera Performance