Department of Vocal and Opera





Always aiming for excellent, the Department of Vocal and Opera has currently 354 full-time students, including 239 undergraduates and 115 postgraduates. Its five-year undergraduate program offers two learning focuses (bel canto and folk vocal), and its postgraduate three-year program offers three learning focuses (bel canto, folk vocal, and opera performance).


The department comprises five teaching and research faculty teams: 1) bel canto, 2) folk vocal, 3) opera, 4) art direction, and 5) art practice. Meanwhile, the department manages two performance platforms, ‘Opera Academy’ and ‘Choral Academy’. The department is also home to the permanent office of Zhejiang Provincial Vocal Art Guidance Society.


Currently, the department boasts a full-time faculty of 46, including 12 professors, 11 associate professors, 10 PhD holders, and 1 foreign teacher. Over 53.2% of the faculty has ever studied abroad at least one year and have got many honorary titles such as the Outstanding Expert of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Leading Talent in Humanities & Social Sciences under Zhejiang Provincial Ten-thousand Talent Plan. Up to now, the department has 49 completed or ongoing research projects, including 1 national and 8 provincial and ministerial ones, 10 municipal and departmental ones, and 30 university-level ones; the faculty has published 33 papers in core journals and 51 papers on provincial journals and compiled nine textbooks.



Over the past years, the students have achieved remarkable results in professional competitions and other kinds of famous competitions. Notably, the teachers and students of the department won the first and fourth places in the Vocal Music (bel canto) Group at the 13th Chinese Golden Bell Award for Music in 2021, which means the department won two of the five Golden Bell awards of the year. It had set a new record since the participation of candidates from Zhejiang Province, and it had also been the first time that an undergraduate candidate at such a young age won an award since the establishment of the award. The teachers and students showed the best performance and won a lot of praise and attention from the vocal and opera circles of China. Moreover, the candidates from the department also won gold and silver awards at many other professional competitions such as the National Higher Art College Opera Vocal Performance, the China Vocal Music Performance of the National Art Colleges and Universities, the Huanglong Music Festival, the Audition of Zhejiang Division of the Chinese Golden Bell Award for Music, the Zhejiang Music and Dance Festival, the Zhejing Xin Song Project Young Opera Performer Contest, and the Zhejiang College Students Art Festival. While cultivating excellent singers for the country, the teachers of the department also won many awards at famous vocal competitions at home and abroad such as the International Competition of Belcanto Vincenzo Bellini, the Budapest International Singing Competition, the Asian International Vocal Festival, the Chinese Golden Bell Award for Music, the CCTV Young Singers Grand Prix, the National Vocal Music Competition (Wenhua Award), the Chinese Vocal Performance of the National Higher Art College Opera Vocal Performance, and the China National Vocal Music Art Competition.


The teachers helped students rehearse and perform many classic operas such as Thunderstorm, Le Nozze di Figaro, The Marriage of Xiao Erhei, die Zauber Flötete, Die Fledermaus, Second Farewell to Cambridge, and Carmen. Moreover, a cluster of brands with social influence have been established such as Weekly Concert, Lecture Room of Vocal Music, My Story and My Song, Concert of Promising Singing Stars, Open Classes, Opera Rehearsal, and "Professional and Moral Excellence" Vocal Competition.