Department of Composing and Conducting





The Department of Composing and Conducting comprises four teaching and research faculty teams: 1) composition, 2) music theories, 3) conducting, and 4) Solfggio, which are responsible for teaching of music theory courses and the practice work concerning orchestra ensemble, Chinese orchestra ensemble, and chorus. The department offers an array of majors and modules, including Composition, Folk Music Writing, Traditional (Chinese) Opera Writing, Music Analysis, Harmonics, Musical Forms, Counterpoint, Orchestration, Orchestra Conducting, and Choral Conducting. Composition & Music Theory is listed as a national first-class major, a provincial first-class major, and a provincial advantageous major.


Rooted in the fine traditional national and local cultures, the department aims to rely on the open and diverse cultural structure to bring out the full potential for its development. By establishing a full-fledged academic system and a platform for scientific research, creation and performance, it weighs application-oriented education and is committed to training high-caliber talents, who can systematically master composition and conducting skills and are innovative and practical with artistic qualities. With continuous efforts, the department builds a development pattern integrating teaching, scientific research, and practice. The major aims for a top position in the province, first-class in China, and influential in the world.


The department faculty totals 30, including 4 administrative staff members and 26 full-time teachers, who all graduated from the Central Conservatory of Music, Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Royal Academy of Music, Michigan State University, and other top-notch conservatories at home and abroad. Among the full-time teachers, there are 13 PhD holders, accounting for 50% of the total; 17 with senior professional titles and 25 with professional titles above the lecturer; 29 with master or above degrees; 20 teachers acting as graduate supervisors; 7 teachers having studied abroad or spent more than six months on overseas exchange.


The department implements a teaching administration system combining teaching, creation, scientific research, and art practice. Remarkable achievements have been obtained in both teaching and scientific research. The "New Rhymes of Wuyue" Music Composition Theoretical Research Group, a provincial innovation team, has been undertaking some large-scale projects, such as Music and Pictures along the Qiantang River (including consistent funding projects) under the China National Arts Fund and Songs in Yue. It is creating a nationally influential creation brand. Composers have won international, national, and ministerial and provincial awards, including American Society of Composers-Composition Awards and Chinese Golden Bell Award for Music, and have secured prizes at Zhejiang Music and Dance Festival. Conducting teachers are gold award winners at international and national choral competitions and holders of Chinese Golden Bell Award for Music. They also have completed national and provincial creation and performance tasks, receiving good reviews. Students have won awards at CSE Music Education Special Committee Songwriting Competition, the 9th Chinese Collegiate Computing Competition-Computer Music Production, China-ASEAN Music Festival Composing Contest, Huayin Cup Composing Contest, and other competitions.