Department of Musicology





The Department of Musicology is a vital part research and teaching in music theory at Zhejiang Conservatory of Music. The department has the professors or PhD holders of Lin Lin, Xue Luojun, Li Pengcheng, Qu Feng, Guo Yilian, Sun Yan, Yang Chengxiu, Xia Yanzhou, Wu Fan, Song Kebin, Zhao Zhonghua, Tao Zheng, Li Yan, Hong Yan, Yu Changjun, Sun Kezhen, and Francesco Serratore. By June 2022, it has got 9 professors, 9 associate professors, and 2 lecturers.


With further improvements in the teaching team, the Department of Musicology expands teaching and research scope and shapes a teaching system composed of five-year undergraduate and three-year postgraduate programs. It aims to cultivate special talents in music theory for China's music industry, hoping that graduates can engage in theory study, art publications edition, music theory teaching in universities and colleges, and music editing. In response to that, the department has categorized its courses into three types: 1) for music skills, to train students' performance, understanding, and analysis capabilities; 2) for music theory, to help students accumulate music knowledge and lay a foundation for theory study; 3) for music editing, to develop students' audio engineering skills and music discernment. In June 2022, the department houses 91 undergraduate and 91 graduate students.


Musicology, as a national first-class undergraduate major, ranks high in Zhejiang in terms of discipline construction and development with its major setup, curriculum, teaching team, academic research, and talent training. The department of Musicology comprises four teaching and research faculty teams: 1) Ethnomusicology, 2) History of Chinese Music, 3) History of Western Music, and 4) Art Theory. They are responsible for teaching of musicological theory. Adopting a great variety of teaching modes to meet different talent training objectives, these faculty teams have basically formed a multi-level musicological theory teaching structure.


The Department of Musicology promotes the idea of ‘leading administration with services and improving services with administration’. They adhere to the ‘professor-led academic governance’ during daily administration. For instance, all major issues concerning academic development and talent training should be discussed at the joint meetings of backbone teachers before any formal decision is made.