ZJCM Holds the 2nd International Wind Music Festival





On December 5, the Zhejiang Conservatory of Music (ZJCM) hosted the 2nd International Wind Music Festival. More than 30 wind musicians from eight countries, namely China, Russia, the United States, Italy, Colombia, the Czech Republic, Poland, and the Republic of Korea, converged on the ZJCM to participate in a week-long series of artistic exchange activities.  

In the evening, the opening concert for the 2nd International Wind Music Festival commenced at the Standard Concert Hall. The event featured performances by Keith Lipson, a renowned clarinetist from the United States, Elzbieta Wolenska, a distinguished Polish flutist, and Clara Novakova, a famed Czech flutist and teacher at the Wind Orchestra Department of ZJCM, as well as other musicians, such as Li Yihua, Qiu Xiaoxiao, Li Jiayin, Zhai Xingxing, Yang Guang, Ji Xiang, Ma Liuyang, and Li Rui. They jointly presented classic wind music pieces such as the Piano Sonata No. 2, Gran Duo Concertante, Sholem-alekhem, rov Feidman!, Gran Partita, Vergnugungszug, Op.281, and L'estasi dell'oro. The concert featured works of various styles and from different periods, ranging from classical and romantic pieces to modern and contemporary ones. In the venue, the woodwinds resonated with ethereal and melodious tunes, while the brass delivered mellow and rich sounds, complemented by the grand and full pipe organ... The musicians demonstrated exquisite harmony, intertwining the melodies into beautiful, captivating musical scenes - at times tender and soothing, at others cheerful and bounding, and yet at others majestic and powerful. The audience immersed themselves in the performance, savoring the infinite charm of wind music art.

In addition to the opening concert, the festival also featured guest performances from Jin Ta, Principal Flute of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, Professor Dai Zhonghui at the Central Conservatory of Music, Flute Professor Yan Qi at Xinghai Conservatory of Music, and Micky Wrobleski, Principal Trombonist of the Suzhou Symphony Orchestra. They brought to the audience three performances, namely an exchange concert, the "Eternal Mozart Series: Spiritual Homeland" concert, and the closing concert. Through solo, ensemble, and other forms of performances, they showcased the distinct beauty of each wind instrument, leading the audience into a dazzling realm of wind music.

During the festival, there was also a symposium on training wind music talent in the new era. Experts discussed and shared effective methods to enhance wind music education and teaching, focusing on topics like "new era wind music education models", "training of professional wind music talent", and "the future development of wind music education". The event also featured masterclasses conducted comprehensively from both a theoretical and practical perspective by professionals such as Trombone Professors Zhao Ruilin and Liu Yang, Oboe Professor Wei Weidong, Bassoon Professor Li Lansong, and French Horn Associate Professor Man Yi at the Central Conservatory of Music; French Horn Professor Lv Bin at the Xi'an Conservatory of Music; Trumpet Associate Professor Li Deqin at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music; French Horn Professor Chang Chou Han at the Tianjin Juilliard School; Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra President Chen Qing; and Gabriele Perlini, Principal Bass Trombonist of the Suzhou Symphony Orchestra.

It is learned that the festival aims to promote domestic and international wind music exchanges by establishing a platform and organizing special concerts, masterclasses, and seminars. Doing so will help create a high-caliber, high-level brand for wind music artistic practice and academic exchange from an international perspective, truly driving the vigorous development of wind music in China.  Moving forward, the Orchestral Department will continue to leverage professional resources and the advantages of collaboration with conservatories and orchestras to promote the brand of the International Wind Music Festival. Through high-quality, international academic exchanges, it aims to genuinely build a hub for wind music talents and, with concrete actions, support ZJCM in cultivating a golden name card for cultural and artistic excellence.