Premiere Concert of China-CEEC Music Academies Union Chamber Music Composition Competition Held





On March 21 evening, the Concert of Winners of China-CEEC Music Academies Union Chamber Music Composition Competition was successfully held in the Standard Concert Hall of Zhejiang Conservatory of Music (ZJCM). Vice President Dong Dejun attended the event and presented medals to the award-winning composers.

In September 2017, the China-CEEC Music Academies Union ("the Union" for short) was founded. ZJCM signed the Statement on the Establishment of China-CEEC Music Academies Union with 15 CEEC music academies as founding institutions and set up the China-CEEC Arts Creation and Research Center ("the Center" for short). Over the past few years, with the platform of the Union and the Center, ZJCM held a variety of influential exchange activities, which have effectively promoted cultural and academic exchanges among Central and Eastern European countries. In 2022, the Secretariat of the Union planned the China-CEEC Music Academies Union Chamber Music Composition Competition, requiring that the scores must be newly created, never be performed publicly before the competition, and include at least one traditional Chinese musical instrument or one traditional instrument of the composer's country. The Competition received 11 participating pieces from China, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Hungary, Serbia, and other Central and Eastern European countries, and the Concert presented five award-winning pieces. Over 300 audiences enjoyed the chamber music feast, conducted by Jiao Yang, art director of the Chamber Philharmonia and guest Professor of ZJCM, and performed by the Chamber Philharmonia and the Chinese Music Chamber Orchestra of ZJCM.

The first program was Temptations, composed by Botond Bartokos, who studies at Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, using Western orchestral instruments and traditional Chinese musical instruments. The work has a complex structure created based on simple musical ideas. Instruments echo each other, like a dialogue between Chinese and Western cultures. Toward North was composed by Yao Lan, an undergraduate student enrolled in 2020 to the Composition and Conducting Department of ZJCM. With erhu, guzheng, and piano, the music piece inspired by the folk song Gada Meilin is to picture a flock of wild geese when they fly across the sky. Hu Wenjie, one of the first group of top-notch talent of Sichuan Conservatory of Music, created Longitude and Latitude Symmetry in an interdisciplinary way — he introduced the geographical concept of "symmetry of longitudes and latitudes" to music creation. Especially, traditional Chinese musical instruments sheng and zheng work in concert with violin, cello, and bass, which is very experimental and exploratory. Aures Moussong, a postgraduate student from the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music and a composer born in Mexico, presented the dialogue between China's bamboo flute and the Western flute in his work Uncertain Journey to the Tai Shan, which is melodious, skilled, and imaginative. Intertwined with Eight Sounds was composed by Yang Xiaolei, a doctoral student enrolled in 2020 at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. The work expresses her deep miss for her hometown Taiwan and depicts the dialogue across the Taiwan Straits by selecting the elements of the traditional Han music "Eight Notes of Hakka" and the indigenous traditional music "Eight Notes of Bouyei".

The Concert not only presented award-winning music pieces but also signaled that ZJCM expects cooperation and exchanges with countries in Central and Eastern Europe and even all over the world. In the warm spring, ZJCM will welcome experts and scholars from China and other parts of the world with a brand-new attitude and team up with them to build a high-end platform for China-CEEC cultural exchanges and academic cooperation by "ushering in" and "going global".