Student Wins Gold Prize at Manchester International Music Competition





Manchester International Music Competition was celebrated in the United Kingdom recently. Titmice Suit No.3 Survival Game, composed by Jia Fangxing, a student of the Music Engineering Department, and instructed by Associate Prof. Jiang Chaoqian, won the Gold Prize in Original Composition, and the student won Gold Prize in Advanced (Age 18-22).

The Competition opens to all Instruments, Voices, Conducting, Composition and Chamber Music. In total, 453 contestants from 23 countries, including China, the United States, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Russia, Germany and Austria, participated in the Competition. The jury was composed of 25 professors, performers and artistic directors of internationally renowned conservatories of music and art groups, including Prof. Nigel Clayton of the Royal College of Music, Prof. Paolo Francese of Conservatorio Antonio Vivaldi, Prof. Avguste Antonov of Conservatoire Intercommunal de Châteaubriant, and Steinway Artist Svetlana Belsky. Anonymous evaluation and scoring ensured the fairness of the event. The Competition comprehensively tested the performers' performance skills and artistic performance, aiming to discover excellent musical talent. It offered young musicians with a platform to challenge themselves, share music and advance their music careers. To promote musical and cultural exchanges among countries and regions around the world, the category National Music was set up. Global ethnic music enthusiasts were encouraged to fully display the characteristics of their own ethnic music so that the world can hear the unique voice of each country.