Second International Chamber Music Festival Kicks Off

Source:International Office

Author:Xu Linglin



The press conference of the Second International Chamber Music Festival was held at Zhejiang Conservatory of Music on the afternoon of 28 October 2019 with presence of president Wang Rui, vice secretary and vice president Zhang Jianguo, musicians and media. 

 Wang Rui unveiled the plaque of Chamber Music Art Center of Zhejiang Conservatory of Music during the press conference.

Zhang Jianguo introduced this year's International Chamber Music Festival and the establishment of the Chamber Music Art Center of Zhejiang Conservatory of Music. He said that the second Festival was to provide musicians all over the world with a top-notch platform to demonstrate and exchange. The Chamber Music Art Center would promote chamber music and international cooperation. 

Then Wang Rui and Zhang Jianguo took questions from the media. 

ZJCM's string quartet performed two chamber music compositions at the end of the press conference. 

In the evening, ZJCM presented Ode to Red Flag - Classic Chinese Symphony Composition Concert and Opening Concert of the Second International Chamber Music Festival at which Violinist Chen Xi played with ZJCM Symphony Orchestra.

 There would be more than 80 musicians and professors of 17 famous music institutions and 7 professional orchestras from 15 countries including China, Austria, Germany and Italy for 106 events - 28 concerts, 45 masterclasses, and 33 lectures - all open to public free of charge in the following days. Also, students would compete in the second ZJCM Chamber Music Competition.