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Accommodation and Food

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        ZJCM provides services such as accommodation, food and management of the classrooms to International students within the campus. It has a specially-designed students’ dormitory and two student canteens with delicious and healthy food.  

A distant view of Students’ dormitory


1. Residence requirements

1)    Registered healthy students

2)    The full amount of tuition and accommodation fees are paid


2. Steps

1)  Finish registration 

2)  Go to the reception desk of international students' apartment


3. Changing rooms

1)   Once reside, no room can be changed by principle;

2)  Under exceptional circumstances, students who want to change can get 


3) You can only change it with the approval of both your school and students’ residence management center.


4. Check-out


2)  Get the approval of your school and residence management center

3)  Clearing up the accommodation fee

4)  Hand in the key

5)  Bring the application form and photocopy of lease contract to register in the office 520, College of International Education

Students’ dormitory



    ZJCM has two student canteens where students can enjoy a meal or snacks. Located in the South area and North area of the campus, these two canteens provide abundant styles of dish with reasonable price. 

    Moreover, there are several shopping centers near the campus where offer a wide range of restaurants to various tastes and needs. Students can choose the restaurant according to their own religion and taste.

Student canteen