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China-CEEC Music Academies Union founded at ZJCM

Source:外事处 International Office   Author:徐玲琳 Linglin Xu   Time:2017-11-01   PV:

The founding ceremony of China-CEEC Music Academies Union was held in Zhejiang Conservatory of Music (ZJCM) on the afternoon of 23rd September 2017.

The 16 founding members of the Union are Zhejiang Conservatory of Music, Albanian University of Arts, New Bulgarian University, University of Zagreb, Janacek Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, Jazeps Vitols Latvian Academy of Music, Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, Goce Delchev University in Shtip, Music Academy of University of Montenegro, Fryderyc Chopin University of Music, National University of Music in Bucharest, University of Arts in Belgrade, Bratislava State Conservatory, and University of Ljubljana.

In his speech, the Secretary of ZJCM CPC Committee Chu Ziyu hoped that all the members of China-CEEC Music Academies Union collaborate at multiple levels in music, drama, and dance within the framework of 16+1 Cultural Cooperation Mechanism with support of cultural ministries.

Zhang Jianguo, the Vice Secretary of ZJCM CPC Committee and Vice President of ZJCM, and CEEC music academies rectors jointly signed the “Statement on the Establishment of China-CEEC Music Academies Union”, witnessed by all the cultural ministers and guests. 

According to the Statement, the Union will promote comprehensive cooperation in academic research, arts creation and performing, educational training, faculty and student exchange among members. Also, the Union will establish China-CEEC Arts Creation and Research Center at ZJCM where all members can participate in and implement research, creation, performances, and exhibitions in music, dance, and drama to jointly promote the prosperity of Chinese and CEEC culture and arts. The Union’s Secretariat is placed in ZJCM, and the Union’s Chair is taken by the President (legal representative) of ZJCM,

Luo Shugang, the Cultural Minister of China, and Cheng Yuechong, a Vice-governor of Zhejiang Province, jointly unveiled the plaque of China-CEEC Arts Creation & Research Center during the ceremony.

Following the founding ceremony, all the cultural ministers and music academies rectors visited the photo exhibition of China-CEEC Summer Dance Camp, and observed dance and yueju rehearsals of ZJCM students. They also enjoyed a concert of the Traditional Chinese Music Ensemble of ZJCM playing pieces written by CEEC composers, a dance performance Cradle which is the first joint project of the China-CEEC Dance Culture Union, a China-CEEC jazz band concert, and a campus tour at ZJCM.