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Du Rusong

Source:外事   Author:外事   Time:2016-06-23   PV:

Du Rusong, a National First Class performer, a disciple in learning the skills taught by South Bamboo Flute Master Zhao Songting. Du Rusong is regarded as one of the best performers, with the great charm of the South Flute music. He has traveled to many Asian and European countries to give a performance. He also held Bamboo-Flute Solo concerts in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and America.

Due to his special contribution, to promote traditional Chinese music around the world, he was awarded the International Excellent Artist Award by the University of California.

During the past 10 years, he spent much time in Buddhist culture art research and promotion. He attended the opening ceremony of the first international Buddhism forum. He planed and directed the cross-strait Buddhism concert, Master Hong Yi Memorial concert and China-Japan Buddhism concert, as well as many others.