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Chinese Orchestra of Zhejiang Conservatory of Music

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Youth Chinese Orchestra of Chinese Instruments Department of Zhejiang Conservatory of Music was founded by Professor Du Zhusong in 2009. The orchestra members are from the traditional Chinese music Department’s professional outstanding students and young teachers. The conductor of the orchestra is distinguished professor Wu Qiang of Shanghai Conservatory of Music. The orchestra mainly undertakes Major art activities and the "elegant art goes into the campus" activity. Its footprints are all over the province of Zhejiang province. The orchestra has won the first prize of the third national college students’ art exhibitions and instrumental professional group sponsored by the Ministry of education; the second prize of the eighth music and Dance Festival instrumental playing game of the Zhejiang Province; reclaimed the crown for the third time in the Yangtze River Delta region Orchestra exhibition game as "the best performance award" and other prizes.