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The eight seconds choir of Zhejiang conservatory of music

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The “eight seconds” choir of Zhejiang Conservatory of Music is mainly consisted of students from the school. It has mixed voice group, female group, male group and chorus Chamber Orchestra. It was created by the famous Chinese conductor professor Bao Lin Yan.

Under the care and support of leaders from all levels, "8 seconds" has formed a systematic and scientific training system and lead the developing trend of China chorus education and have a good grasp of theatrical performances developing direction. It not only seized domestic and overseas classics in different times and different styles. For many new works, it also has accurate interpretation of the deductive, "singing with diversity, the multidimensional nature of its style, cultural diversity, guiding trait over domestic” is insiders’ high-level overview to “eight seconds”. With world champion, Golden Bell Award in hand, "eight seconds" has many tasks to perform and was invited by all parts of the country and it have held many concerts, and was highly praised by many experts and the society. The singing work of the "Shangri La", "the love song of She nationality," I'm a train "," jump to the blue sky "," snow territory desire ",”아리랑”," Kaisa-isa Niyan,", "Blue Willow" and other works was widely spread both at home and abroad. In the 13th Shanghai International Art Festival, the “eight seconds” is known as the representative of the new trend of Chinese chorus. With an open mind to learn, to make foreign things serve China, to integrate with the world, the choir is developing in its growth, strengthening in its growth. "Eight seconds" has become one of the representative team of professional chorus.

In recent years, “eight seconds” has changed from the participating type to exhibition type. "Eight seconds" Choir has undertook the important task of cultural transmission, has held a large number of different styles of concert, to learn from the show, to play to promote learning, to speak to prosper learning, to communicating fine Chinese culture in a loving way which is choir, and to achieve the broad aims of education and the deep social effects. "Eight seconds" scientific training system and stage visibility and audibility has formed its own unique charm! So that many domestic and foreign chorus team have come to actively follow. With the increasing reputation, whether it is for "8 seconds" itself to demonstrate or the coming admiring command, "8 seconds" always, without reservation, shows its own training system in order to achieve the purpose of sharing. As the year 2015 national endowment for the arts grant "Sound of eight seconds" chorus tour will be implemented start in 2016, the national tour is expected to achieve a scientific system of the characteristics of Chinese Chorus education in community cultural activities to produce better effect.