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Composition and Conducting Department

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The Composition and Conducting Department has a staff of 29 full-time teachers that have qualifications in various degrees, from top music conservatories in China and abroad. 54% of the departments’ teaching staff are Professors, including:

* 2 Foreign Professors, and

* 39% are Associate Professors.

The department has a group of talented composers and conductors who have won many national and international awards for chamber music and academic papers. The department is committed to teaching students who aspire to develop talents in:

* Composition Theory

* Professional Composer or

* Conductor

The students are equipped with a thorough knowledge in a wide range of classical styles, various approaches to style of composition, conducting styles and theories.  The core courses for composition majors are:

* Solfeggio,

* Harmonics,

* Music Form,

* Counterpoint,

* Orchestration,

* Traditional Music Composition,

* Modern Music Composition,

* Folk Music Writing,

* Electronic Music, and

* Music Analysis.



For majors other than composition and conducting, the department also offers compulsory courses including:

* Music Theory,

* Solfeggio,

* Harmonics,

* Music Style Analysis,

* Multi-tone Music Analysis,

* Conducting Method, and

* Chorus.

There are also optional courses in this range, such as:

* Counterpoint,

* Music Writing and

MIDI production.