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  The Musicology Department has formed a relatively integrated Research and Teaching System.  Now, the faculty of the Team of Musicology Department includes:

* 7 professors,

* 3 associate professors, and

* 4 lecturers. 

Among them, 11 have received Ph. D Degrees and 2 engaged in Post-Doctoral researches and play a leading role in the academic research of Zhejiang Province. Their research areas cover the history of Chinese music, the history of Western music, Chinese traditional and folk music, music aesthetics and etc. Currently, there are three research studios:

* The History of Western Music,

* The History of Chinese music, and

* Chinese Traditional and Folk music.

     The Musicology Department has made significant achievements in research and education; including 5 national level research projects and 37 provincial level awards. For example:

Professor Yang Jiuhua was honored 2nd Prize in Social Science Research by the Zhejiang Social Science Association.

Professor Li Rongyou won the 1st Prize in China Education Innovation.

     Major courses have several areas of required studies, including:

* Chinese Folk Music,

* History of Chinese Music,

* History of Western Music,

* Folk Music and

* Musicology Composition.


     In addition, the Musicology Department offers a wide range of courses including:

* Music Aesthetics,

* Musical Performance Aesthetics,

* Religious Music Culture,

* Music Appreciation and

* Chinese Music in 20th Century.

     The Musicology Department places great importance on the combination of Theory and Practice in Undergraduate Education.

In May 2015, two students’ of innovation programs - supervised by Professor Nan Hongyan - won a prize in the Zhejiang College Students Innovation Competition.


     The department will continuously focus on the development of the musicological discipline in the aspects of; academic subject construction, curriculum, faculty team, and academic research.  This work is in the intention to make further contributions toward improving the overall teaching and academic research levels of  the Zhejiang Conservatory of Music