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Led by a faculty of 45 full-time dedicated musicians, educators and scholars, the Music Education Department aims to nourish the next generation of talented Music Teachers who have acquired comprehensive knowledge in choral, instrumental, and general music education.

An emphasis has been put on the integration of research in Music Pedagogy as well as the students' field experiences, in local schools. Students will receive a well-rounded education in voice, piano, dancing, instrumental techniques, as well as opportunities for practical experiences on musical performances and field teaching.

* The curriculum features courses that include:

* Ear Training and Sight Singing,

* Introduction to Music Fundamentals,

* World Ethnic Music,

* Chinese Music History,

* Western Music History,

* Ethnomusicology,

* Performance Instruction on Chinese instruments,

* Performance Instruction on Western instruments and

* Chorus Dancing.

Other areas of study that are included in the curriculum are:

* History of Music Education,

* Introduction to Pedagogy,

* Introduction to Psychology and

* Foundations of Music Education.