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Music Engineering Department

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Music Engineering Department offers music disciplines in:

* Electro-acoustic Music Composition,

* Music Design and Production,

* Recording Arts and Music Science and

* Technology at its core.

As an interdisciplinary program, we also offer courses such as:

* Computer Music Composition and Programming,

* Audio Mixing for Musical Instrument,

* Audio Mixing for Electroacoustic Musical Instrument, and

* MIDI Sequencing to give a holistic picture of electric music.

The department now has total of 12 faculty members, which includes 1 professor and 5 lecturers. Members have a high level of qualification, with 1 that has received a Ph.D Degree and 10 that hold a Masters Degrees. Our faculty members have great influences in China’s music circle. For example:

Professor Xie Bingyuan, has over 20 years of teaching experience, participated in more than 10 research projects and published 4 books such as

Multidimensional Music”.

His piece “Fall Rhym” won honorable award in First Session China Music - YAMAHA XG/GM MIDI Music Works Composition.

A young faculty member Jiang Yaoqian was listed in the 2014 Chinese Contemporary Composers Directory.

The musical works by Dr. Li Qiuxiao have been played in many International Music Festivals, including the

* Seoul International Computer Music Festival,

* Musica Elecreonica Nova, and

* Musicacoustica-Beijing.