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The Graduate Office coordinates the graduate programs, as well as oversees academic and professional development of graduate students. The office provides recruiting, registration assistance, guidance on degree requirements, art practice, degree conferment and department policies and procedures.

The Graduate Education at ZJCM offers Master of Arts (MA) degree in Dance and Music Study and Master of Fine Arts (MF.A). The MA program includes 8 majors in:

Traditional Chinese Dance Study”,

Dance Performance study”,

Composition and Composition Technique Theory”,

National Musicology”,

Music Education Study”,

Chinese Music History”,

Western Music History” and

“Music Performance Art Theory” and

13 research directions. The M.F.A program includes 2 majors in Music and Dance and 9 research directions.


The Graduate Education started in 1999. 344 students have received degrees from various graduate programs. The Graduate Office focuses on the construction and development of academic discipline and faculty teams. Now, the faculty team includes 5 Doctoral students-advisors and 82 Master-advisors. Every aspect of the daily work is guided by completed rules and regulations. The management team pays great attention to coordinating the teaching and practicing process in order to achieve an efficient system in cultivating the new and growing talents.