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Opera Department

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Committed to developing talents in a range of areas, including:

* Drama Performance,

* Film & Television Actors, and

* Teachers of Theatre Arts.

The Opera Department offers two major programs of Yue Opera performances and accompaniment for the Yue Opera. A research institute of Yue Opera is set to enhance the teaching of ARIA, physique training, and play listing.

The department has a faculty of 9, including 4 professors and 2 associate professors. The members of the faculty have a rich experience in acting, directing and teaching. Some are winners of reputable national prizes, such as:

* The Plum Blossom Award for Chinese Theatre and the

* Wenhua Grand Award.

Main courses:

* classic repertoire

* performance fundamentals

* body shaping for type of roles

* voices in a Chinese opera

* dance, music theory & ear training

* history of Chinese drama.