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The Dance Department has 22 faculty members, including 3 professors, 3 associate professors, 7 lecturers and 9 teaching assistants. 57.7% of the faculty has received master’s degree. Most of them graduated from prestigious art institutions both at home and abroad.

The Dance Department emphasizes discipline and has achieved results that are encouraging a cultivation of talent, art practice, and dance work composition.

The faculty of the department received numerous awards on a national level, including:

“The 3rd Session of China Central Television’s (CCTV)

Dance Competition Performing Award”,


“The 8th Session Chinese Dance Lotus Cup of

Choreography Competition Silver Medal”,


“The 4th Session National Art Display,

1st Prize in Performing Arts”.

Currently, the department has two four-year undergraduate majors:

* Dance Performance and

* Dancology.

The Dance Performance Major focuses on cultivating the applied talents. The required subjects includes:    * Ballet,

* Chinese classical dancing,

* Chinese folk dancing,

* Choreography,

* Dance History and

* Dance work appreciation.

The dance department pays great attention to developing students’ abilities in the areas of: PerformanceTeachingand Chorography.

The Dancology Major offers courses such as:

* Ballet,

* Chinese classical dance,

* Modern dance foundation,

* Choreography,

* Appreciation of China-Foreign Dance,

* Piano and

* Vocality.

The mission of our department is to train Musical teachers, with a focus on dance specialty for Chinese secondary schools. Our graduates are equipped with  dance-expertise, as well as the music-teaching ability. The Dance department will consistently enrich and strengthen teaching activities, to reach and maintain the level of international standards.