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With a faculty of 24 full-time teachers, the department has got 4 professors, 7 associate professors, 6 lecturers, and 7 assistant teachers, 78% with a Master’s Degree (2 teachers with doctor’s degree). Among the total, 83% graduated from the world-renowned music schools. The department also hosts 1 distinguished professor.

The department aims at cultivating specialized vocal talents with academic excellence. While training the would-be vocal music artists, the faculty members themselves have also achieved many prestigious awards and honors at the competitions at home and abroad:

* Wang Weiping ranked the second at the first “Golden Bell Award”.

* Hu Yan took the third place at the professional group of bel canto at the 6th    National Youth Singer Competition.

* Zhao Jing took the 2nd place in the 10th National Youth Singer TV Competition.

*Ma Yanan won the Excellence prize at the 13th CCTV National Youth Singer TV        Competition.

*Zhang Rong took the 3rd place in the Asian International Opera Competition.

*Liang Mindong won a Bronze award in the teachers’ group of the 1st Vocal     Performance of National Ordinary Higher College.

*Huang Wei took 4th place in the 4th Budapest International Vocal Competition.

*Chen Limin won a Silver award in the Chinese folk music group of the Second                  “Peacock Award” of China Vocal Competition.

*Liu Wei won 1st place in the Second Vocal Competition for National College Teachers.

*Duan Yuxiang won the Grand prize in the professional group of the 3rd Chinese      Music International Vocal Competition.

*Xu Hongxia awarded Silver at the 4th “Golden Bell Award” of China Vocal   Competition.

*Jin Yao awarded Gold in the Zhejiang Youth Singer Competition.

*Ye Wen awarded Gold in the Zhejiang Youth Singer Competition.

*Xie Benkang awarded Silver in the 1st National Vocal Competition.

The department is committed to developing the talents; with a good perception and imagination for music - as well as strengthening singing skills, so as to be qualified for the positions of vocal performance, teaching and research in the professional art troupes and music conservatories.

 Vocal music singing is the core program of the department; with a five-year undergraduate curricular plan, focusing on the quality-oriented education of music and art. A consolidated theory into various areas of music, the program emphasizes on the development of practical skills, which requires the students to understand and sing a large quantity - domestic and foreign - classic vocal music works relative to different periods, for different genres and styles.

The curriculum mainly consists of vocal music and the basic music theory.  The majors that are a part of the course includes:

* Art of Vocal Music,

* Singing Phonics,

* Opera/Chamber Music/Chinese opera,

* Art Performance,

* Opera Rehearsals,

* Chorus,

* Appreciation of Domestic and

* Overseas Vocal Music Masterpieces.

The theoretical courses consist of:

* Music Theory,

* Solfeggio,

* Harmony,

* Music Form,

* Chinese Folk Music,

* Foreign Folk Music,

* History of Chinese Music,

* History of Western Music, and

* Introduction to Art.

Most of the teachers perform actively on the vocal and opera stages, at home and abroad.