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The Pop Music Department is a dynamic mix of an outstanding faculty that includes: 15 full-time teachers, a group of renowned performers and industry leaders as guest artists, and offers specialized curriculums tailored for vocal singing and music instruments.

The Instrument Program provides an advanced technique and performance training on drum, saxophone, keyboard, classical guitar, jazz piano, trumpet, trombone and electronic organ.

The leading musicians and award-winning performers are dedicated to providing practical career preparation for future musicians.

* Pang Longa celebrated pop singer, has received the China Gold Record Award for his excellent album in 2015.

* Accordionist Wu Wenyi took the first place in Master Coupe group of the 67th Coupe Mondiale World Accordion Championships.

Other teachers have also won awards in the national electronic organ competition as well as the prestigious vocal competition organized by the Ministry of Culture of China.

A well-rounded curriculum will guide each student toward the discovery of his or her artistic style as a vocalist or an instrument performer. Specialized courses - central to the development of a solid foundation - comprise of:

* Vocal Performance,

* Ensembles,

* Ear Training and Sight Reading,

* History of Contemporary Music,

* Music Production,

* Dance and Music Theater,

* Arranging, Instrumental Proficiency and

* Improvisation.

Based on their individual interest, students can also choose from over 20 selective courses such as Harmony, Musical Appreciation and Band Rehearsals.