Faculty Spotlight
A strong faculty of 283 holds the key in guaranteeing the optimal quality of teaching the conservatory provides. Professors and associate professors with strong academic and professional backgrounds account for a third of the total. Faculty members also include a group of eminent performing artists with national top-level musical, dance and theatrical awards such as the Chinese Golden Bell Award and the China Dance Lotus Award as well as the Plum Blossom Prize.
Yan Baolin Yan Baolin (Professor, Masters Tutor) is the Deputy Direct... Read More
Gao Jian Gao Jian, graduated from the Royal Academy of Music in 2007,... Read More
Zhu Hao Zhu Hao is a young pianist. In 1996, he was enrolled in the ... Read More
Hu Yan Hu Yan is a national first C class artist, professor, sopra... Read More
Du Rusong Du Rusong, a National First C Class performer, a disciple i... Read More
Liu Le Liu Le, a famous Chinese Guzheng (21-or-25 stringed plucked ... Read More
Xu Junyue Xu Junyue, masters tutor, president of West Lake Guqin Clu... Read More
Xu Yi Xu Yi, famous Erhu performer, national first-class artist, p... Read More
Shi Shuai ShiShuai, a young violinist, winner of Wieniawski, Menuhin ... Read More
Piao Ying Piao Ying, violinist - a national first-class performer C P... Read More
Liu Fuyang Liu Fuyang, a National first C class dancer and choreograph... Read More
Cui Wei Cui Wei, masters tutor. She instructs Dancing, Performance... Read More
Chen Xiaohong Chen Xiaohonga national first-class artist. She received a... Read More
Li Gonglv Li Gonglv, a national first-class artist. He engaged in lear... Read More
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